• Great Plains Dinosaur Museum

    "We crossed the Missouri… [into] the midst of the fossil fields which we had come so far and at such risks to explore. All about us stretched the interminable labyrinths of the Badlands.”  – Charles Sternberg with Professor Cope in Montana in 1876, “My Life as a Fossil Hunter” 1909
  • Our Exhibits

    From nearly complete dinosaurs to the smallest of pine cones, the fossils in the Great Plains Dinosaur Museum are known for both their beauty and scientific impact as well. Check out the Exhibits page. Read More
  • Dig Programs

    Have you ever wanted to join in a dinosaur dig or explore land to make new discoveries?  If so, then join one of the Summer Field Programs at the Great Plains Dinosaur Museum! Check out both the Adult and the Junior Field and Laboratory Programs. Read More
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Featured Displays

After Memorial day weekend, we will be open for our summer hours 7 days a week!

June, July and August: Open daily. Monday - Saturday 10am-5pm. Sunday 12:30 pm-5pm

September and October: Tuesday - Saturday 10am-5pm; Closed Sunday & Monday

  • 12th Annual "Montana Dinosaur Festival"  June 5-6, 2015. New displays and activities. Join us! " Mark your calendar. Call or email for more information.

  • Montana Dinosaur Trail
    Want more dinosaurs? Discover the other museums along the Montana Dinosaur Trail.

Junior Programs!


Available Summer 2015!

 Do you have a child who is fascinated with dinosaurs or other prehistoric life?  Then he or she would enjoy the two different Junior Paleontologist Programs the museum offers.

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